A Recovering Veteran's Story of Recovery from a Relapse

Updated: May 3, 2023

This article has all the hallmarks of an alcohol use disorder, secretive behavior, lying, isolation. We are glad that Confidential Recovery was able to help James.

If you know a Veteran in the San Diego area who needs help with anything, call The Veterans Navigation Center at (858) 567-9191 for a complimentary assessment and consultation. Our case managers connect Veterans to resources and programs for no charge.

Read the article here: https://bit.ly/3LSCDGF

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🪖"Veterans, you are not alone."🎖️ If there was one message we want every Vet to hear, it is that there are others who feel and struggle in the same way. And there are many resources to help, that a lot of Veterans don't know about. Do you know a #Vet in California who needs help? Whether they just recently completed their service or did so 20 years ago, even if they had a negative discharge, or legal troubles, we'd like to see if we can help. We can offer a free assessment and possibly access to benefits or other resources that can change their life. Call us at (858) 567-9191 or visit us here: http://thevnc.org/


Reminder that the #988Lifeline offers caring counseling to people who are struggling or are in crisis—including specialized services for: ✔️ Veterans, service members & their families ✔️ Spanish speakers #988Lifeline #SuicidePrevention


  • After having my driving privileges suspended, Confidential Recovery allowed me to continue with in-person therapy groups using Zoom to reconnect with the daily meetings.

    John D.

    U.S. Veteran
  • Through the personal attention I received from the caring, experienced, therapists, and interactive group sessions, the sources of my addictive behavior were brought to light.

    John D.

    U.S. Naval Veteran
  • The terrific staff cares about their clients and have broad backgrounds to meet the specialized and nuanced needs of their Veteran and First Responder clients.

    John D.

    U.S. Veteran
Disclaimer: The Veterans Navigation Center is not affiliated with any government agency. If you or a Veteran you know is in crisis, call The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 24/7 crisis line by dialing 988 and press 1, or text (838255) to speak with a crisis counselor.

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